Thursday, February 9, 2012

Sasha Grey Reads from Zoot Suit

Sasha Grey reads Luis Valdez's "Zoot Suit & Other Plays" in response to the Tuscon school board's decision to ban books!

Stand up, use your voice & support this website:

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  1. There are a lot of interesting books on that list.

    However, being a former "inmate" of TUSD (Jefferson Park, Tully, Doolen) and unconsenting member of the G.A.T.E program, I can assure you that this is nothing new. Not ONCE in my 8 years in the tucson school system did we talk about latin american oppression, racism, what a fucking scumbag Columbus was, or anything even remotely similar.

    I thinks its great that your up in arms about this. The problem is that the entire system has been racist and always will be, if there is not a revolution in the united states.

    Racism is a tool to keep us fightiung with each other while the powers that be rape us financially, physically, in mind and in soul.

    It is at the same time a symptom of living in an utterly psychopathic society.

    The only true form of rehabilitation is resistance.

    If you are stateside, join the Militia, people.

    All colors, all creeds.

    NDAA has passed, and the night is dark. Do not go down bickering.

    ACAB. KlassenKampF